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Israel Varney and Sally Knowles, Rochester, N.H.

Israel Varney (Elijah / Moses / Benjamin / Peter / Humphrey / William) was born in 1794 in Rochester, N. H to Elijah Varney and Anna Hayes. While much of the original documentation for his life is hard to find its existence is manifest in the Rochester, and Strafford County histories. There are also details from his life recorded in the family history, John Hays, of Dover, N,. H. as well as the family history, Genealogy of Some of the Descendants of William Varney of Ipswich, MA. Both of those volumes were published at the dawn of the Twentieth Century. Both have evidence of being well researched drawing on first hand testimony and family held documentation as well as public records. ---------- Israel married Sally Knowles probably around 1811/12. Their first child, Enos, was born in 1813. In the record keeping of the era the names of both parents appear on most birth records and in almost every marriage and death record. In those records both the name Sally and Sarah are used to identify the wife of Israel Varney. --------- Sally was the daughter of Samuel Knowles and Sarah Nute. One of the fashionable things to do for young ladies in the later half of the 1800s was to declare their American heritage. There are a number of such entries for the Knowles family grandchildren. One such entry is found for the granddaughter of Israel and Sally, Jennie Whiting. --------- In part the entry reads, --------- 1. Leonard Whiting (1813-94) m. Elizabeth Varney (1823-97).--------- 2. Israel Varney (1813-1858) m. Sally Knowles (1794-1857). --------- 3. Samuel Knowles m. 1788 Sarah Nute --------- 3. James Knowles m. 1751 Experience Chamberlain. --------- James Knowles (1720-1802) served muster master. He was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention and a member of the Assembly. He was born in Hampton; died in Rochester, N. H. --------- There are a number of entries found on the internet that summarize what is know of the family of Israel and Sally Varney. --------- “Israel H Varney b. 1794; d. 1857. He married about 1810 Sally Knowles (1795-1857). They are buried in the Estes Road Cemetery, Rochester, N. H. I found 5 children attributed to this couple, I’m sure there are more. Enos 1813-1882; Mary J. 1817-1885; Charles 1828; Mercy 1831-1915; Israel 1834.” -------- Their headstones in the small Estes Road Cemetery reads; --------- “Israel Varney – Husband of Sally K. Knowles-1794-1858” -------- “Sally K. Knowles-Wife of Israel H. Varney- 1795-1857” --------- Recent research has uncovered the identity of three additional children. The order of the dates of birth for the family suggest there is probably at least one additional child still waiting to be discovered. -------- The discovery of the American heritage entry referenced above reveled the existence of a missing daughter, Elizabeth. Based on that hint research for Elizabeth turned up a detailed Death Certificate written for Elizabeth Adeline Whiting maiden name Elizabeth Adaline Varney. She is identified as the wife of Leonard Whiting, born Rochester, N. H., father, unknown the daughter of Sally Knowles. The date is February 15, 1907 in Hyde Park, Massachusetts. Her age is given as 83 years, 1 month and 25 days suggesting a date of birth in about April 1824.That date sits nicely in the gap in the chronology of the known Varney children. -------- Elizabeth married Leonard Whiting; (1813 Lisbon, N. H.-1892, Columbia, N.H.) They lived most of their married life in Lisbon and Lyman, N. H. before ending up in Columbia, N. H. Their children were; Harriet (1846-1872); Foster (1848-1926); Charles (1854-1936); Twins, Jessie (1858-1924) and Jennie (1858-1934); A male child born in 1861 that only survived for 11 days; Clinton (1861-1910); Flora (1864-1886) and Eugene (1868-1944). --------- Elizabeth and Leonard are buried in the Columbia Bridge Cemetery in Columbia, Coos, N. H. --------- Lydia M Varney was born in May 1822 in Rochester. As with many of the young adults of her generation she moved to Massachusetts seeking a career. She married John Shirley March 26,1842 in Lowell, Massachusetts. John Shirley was born in 1806 in Chester, N. H and died in 1886 in Durham, N. H. The couple made their long term home in the towns in Strafford County, N. H. The couple had two daughters, Sarah (1844-1871) and Susan Jennie (1854-1871). The family is buried together in the Gonic Village Cemetery in Rochester. Lydia’s headstone reads Lydia M Twombly wife of John Shirley. Lydia had married Horne Twombly after the death of John. There is a detailed death record in the Durham, N. H. town records for Lydia M Twombly. It records her death on January 22, 1897 in Durham. It records her age as 75 years, 4 months and 4 days born in Rochester. Her parents are listed as Israel Varney and Sarah Knowles. --------- John W Varney was born Jan 18, 1827 in Rochester. He like his siblings, Lydia and Charles, married in Lowell, Massachusetts. His marriage record is the only documented link between John and his parents although the circumstances of his life provide a strong circumstantial link for the connection. John married Harriet U Foss May 17, 1854 in Lowell. The record notes that they were both born in Rochester, N. H. His parents are listed as Israel H and Sarah Varney. Her parents are listed as Benjamin and Sarah Foss. --------- John and Harriet raised their family in the Gonic neighborhood of Rochester, N. H. They and their children are buried in the Gonic Village Cemetery. His headstone reads; --------- “John W Varney husband of Harriet Foss- Oct 1, 1877 age 50 years 8 months 13 days.” --------- “Harriet Foss wife of John W Varney-Sept 31, 1886 age 53 years 4 months”. --------- The couple had three children born in Rochester; Clara E Varney (1855-1931) M. John Meader; Frank E Varney (1861-1862); George F Varney (1858-1876). --------- Enos Varney; January 1813 – October 7, 1880. His death is recorded in the Littleton, MA town records. Dated Oct 7, 1880, Enos Varney, age 67 years, 8 months, 7 days, born Rochester, N. H., Parents Israel and Sallie Knowles. Died in a RR accident. Enos married Charlotte E Oaks Nov 7, 1838 in Charlestown, MA. Charlotte, Aug 1819- January 9, 1907. She was the daughter of Isaac Oaks and Eunice Hooker. --------- Mary J Varney; February 14, 1817- December 25, 1885. There is very little known of her life. The only documentation is her death record dated Dec 25, 1885 in Boston, MA. Mary J Brown, maiden name Varney, age 68 years 9 months 29 days, born in Rochester, N. H. ,Parents Israel and Sarah both born in Rochester, N. H. Evidence suggests that Brown was her name from a 2nd marriage. The details of her life are hidden behind her married name from a 1st marriage. --------- Charles Henry Varney was born in about 1828 in Rochester, N. H. the last mention of him is in the 1880 census in Thornton, N. H. Charles married Harriet P Cotton (1826-1894) July 9, 1848 in Lowell, MA. Charles H Varney married Katie (Katherine Hoffman) Dolton Nov 26, 1874 in Lowell, MA. The marriage record notes that it was a 2nd marriage for both. In both marriage records his parents are listed as Israel and Sally Varney. --------- Mercy Varney (July 10, 1831-June 9, 1915) married January 6, 1852 Charles Estes (November 20, 1836-January 31, 1920). Charles was a prominent citizen in Rochester, N. H. He manufactured agricultural implements. The couple had 7 children. ---------- Israel Varney born about 1834/35. The only record of Israel is the 1850 census in which, he is listed as age 15.

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