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Lettie Lucinda Fuller / Hiram John Fuller

Lettie Lucinda Fuller was the daughter Sylvia Griffin and Willard Fuller. Sylvia Griffin of Essex and Willard Fuller of Westford married in Essex, VT on January 1, 1840. The census records place the Fuller family in Lamoille County, which is just north of Essex. The census lists Lamolle County or Cambridge, Lamoille Co. as their place of residence. The Griffin family letters mentions the family in one of three places, Cambridge, Jeffersonville or Eden. Cambridge is in fact a neighborhood in the larger Jeffersonville. Eden is a short buggy ride away. It seems that Cambridge was used as the reference point for the three communities in the census records. Deed records show that Willard Fuller owned large farms in each of those communities. In information gathered from a number of records we can place Lettie’s birth in Eden on August 12, 1856. ----------- There is a marriage listed in the Cambridge, VT town records for Lettie Fuller and Hiram J Fuller dated November 30, 1875. It can get confusing when two people with the same last name marry. ---------- Hiram John Fuller was the son of Daniel Fuller and Prudence Baxter. Gathering the hints from a number of records we can place his birth in Bangor, Franklin, New York June 11, 1852. Identified as Hiram “J” Fuller in the census records on the marriage certificate for his second marriage he signed his name “Hiram John Fuller” Even through he was born in New York his parents made their home for most of their years in Jerico, Vermont. ----------- The census records place the young couple in Underhill, VT in 1880. Listed are Hiram-28, Lettie-24, Willard L-2 and Fern, a male, age 9/12. ---------- There is a birth recorded for Willard Fuller in the Underhill town records. Dated September 27th, 1878 his parents are identified as Hiram Fuller and Lotty Fuller. ---------- We also find a birth record for Fern in the Underhill records. Dated November 8, 1879 it does not register his name instead it reads “(no name) Fuller, Male”. His parents are listed as H J & Lotte Fuller. We get the name of Fern from the 1880 Census. ---------- Tracing the history of the Fuller family is hampered by not having access to the missing 1890 census. However we do have a record of them in the 1900 census taken in Essex, VT. On the death of her father, Willard Fuller, Lottie had inherited a farm in Essex. The 1900 census registers; Hyrum- June 1854, Lottie- Aug 1856, Willard L -Sept 1878, Floyd F-March 1888, born in Nebraska, Max- May 1892. Another key hint that we get from the 1900 Census is the record of births entered for each mother. In this case the census notes that Lottie had given birth to 4 children with the 3 still surviving. The 3 survivors are listed in that 1900 census. ---------- In a time when there was very good record keeping we do not have a birth record for Floyd F Fuller in Vermont. This supports the idea that he was truly born in Nebraska. This argument is supported by the fact that the census records consistently record Nebraska as his place of birth. His marriage license further defines his place of birth as Omaha, Nebraska. When Floyd registered for the military draft he listed his date of birth as March 24, 1888. There is nothing in the surviving family history that explains the how and why of the family being in Nebraska. ---------- Recorded as “Floyd F” in the 1900 census we find Floyd’s full name on both his draft registration and marriage license. Both give his full name as Floyd Fern Fuller. It is a straight forward exercise to come to the conclusion that the “(no name) Fuller” born in 1879 and identified as Fern in the 1880 census is the missing child in the 1900 census. Again note that in the time frame in question the towns in Vermont were keeping very good records. Also note that there is no death record for the 1879 Fern. Given the fact that a second child also carried the name do we come to the conclusion that the family had followed a long held tradition of giving a second child the name of a child who had died? Are we left with any other conclusion than Fern 1879 must have died during the families’ sojourn in Nebraska leaving behind no record of the event? ---------- The birth of the “Max” found in the 1900 census is found in the Essex, VT town records; May 6, 1892 Shirley Max Fuller, parents; Hiram and Lettie (Fuller) Fuller. The birth record is one of the few times we see the name “Shirley” used. For the rest of his life “Shirley” referred to himself as Max Day Fuller. ---------- We get a confirmation of the children and their names from their grandfather, Willard Fuller’s, will; ---------- “And whereas said Lettie J. Fuller deceased at said Essex on June 12, 1905 leaving Willard L. Fuller, Floyd F. Fuller and Shirley Max Fuller now known as Max Day Fuller her only children then living”. ---------- For a long time Griffin family histories has used the name Lettie Lucinda Fuller. In many places she is referred using variants on Lettie such as Lotty. However in the formal legal document of her father’s will she is referred to as Lettie J. Fuller. That is in contrast with her Death Certificate that lists her name as Lettie L. Fuller. The Lettie L spelling is also used on a number of other documents. Her Death Certificate is filed in Essex. It gives her death as June 12, 1905 after a 3 ½ year battle with cancer. The clerk miswrote her birth as August 12, 1865 instead of the 1856 indicated in all of the census records. Given that mistake he miscalculates her age as 40 instead of 50. Her parents are identified as Willard Fuller and Sylvia Griffin. The certificate notes that she was buried in Essex Junction. Her parents and sister Electa are buried in the Village Cemetery in Essex Junction. There is no listing for her there but I suspect that somewhere in the cemetery she and her son Fern are buried. ---------- Hiram John Fuller was born in Bangor, Franklin, NY. June 11 1852. The 1900 census list the date as June 1854. The other census records consistently suggest a date of birth in 1852. After Lettie’s death Hiram took a second wife. The marriage of Hiram John Fuller and Eluisa Rogers in recorded in Essex Aug 3, 1907. Hiram signed the document, “Hiram John Fuller”. Hiram is found in the 1910 and 1920 census records living in Moretown, Washinton, VT with his son Floyd F. Hiram and Eluisa / Lovisa are buried in the Watertown Cemetery. Hiram’s death certificate records his death on August 11, 1929 in Watertown, VT. Eluisa / Lovisa died in 1937. ---------- We have previously posted a biography for Willard on the Blog (Jan 2017). Willard Lynn Fuller was born in Underhill September 27, 1878. He died in Portsmouth, Ohio October 5, 1960. ---------- Fern Fuller was born in Underhill November 8, 1879. Evidence suggests that he died in Nebraska some time before his brother Floyd Fern was born in March 1888. --------- Floyd Fern Fuller was born March 24, 1888 in Omaha, Nebraska. Floyd married Fanny Lovisa Rogers October 30, 1908 in Essex. Floyd lived in Washington Co, VT through the 1940 census. Late in his life we find him in living in North Carolina. The death of Floyd Fern Fuller is registered in the North Carolina Records. His date of birth is give as March 24, 1888 and his date of death as May 14, 1991 in Henderson, Henderson Co, NC. Floyd and Fanny are buried in the Bethel Wesleyan Church Cemetery in Henderson County. --------- Shirley Max Fuller was born in Essex May 6, 1892. Born before the original township was subdivide Max was born in what is now Essex Junction. Using the name Max Day Fuller, Max married Laura Porter Aug 9, 1917 in Burlington, VT. The name of Max Fuller is found in the University of Vermont yearbook, The Ariel. By 1920 Max and his wife are living in Chesterfield County, Virginia. Records indicate that he worked for the State Department of Health. He died January 4, 1970 in Chester, Virginia. His death certificate lists his father as Hiram John Fuller and his mother as Lettie Fuller Fuller. ------------------------------------------------------------- Lettie Fuller / Sylvia Griffin/ Samuel Griffin / Samuel Griffin / Samuel Griffin of Killingworth

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Willard Lynn Fuller- Bella Blanche Cleveland

Willard Lynn Fuller was the son of Hiram Fuller and Lettie Lucinda Fuller. Even though his parents shared the same last name there was no family connection between the two family lines. His birth is registered in the Underhill, Chittenden, VT town records. The date is September 27 under the year 1878. In many subsequent records his birth is listed as 1879 but the original record is 1878. The entry lists his parents as Hiram Fuller & Letty Fuller, Hiram of New York and Letty of Underhill. ---------- Willard grew up within the family circle of the extended Griffin family in nearby Essex. His grandmother Sylvia Griffin Fuller and her two sisters, Rosetta Griffin Hunt and Electa Griffin Wolcott, according to family letters, lived in a close family circle. The families of his two uncles, Orlo and Harrison Griffin also lived close by. ---------- We find a marriage record for Willard Linn Fuller and Belle Blanch Cleveland, dated July 15, 1902, in the Georgia, Franklin, VT town records. Willard is listed as age 24 of Underhill, the son of Hiram J Fuller and Lettie L Fuller. Belle Blanch Cleveland is listed as age 26, born Georgia, VT daughter of White Cleveland and Lydia Montefiore. ---------- Most of the Cleveland family histories list the birth of Bella as September 6, 1872. Many of the census records offer differing ages for Belle. This circumstance results in a little confusion when trying to find the original record of her birth. In her marriage record her age is give as, 26, which would suggest a birth in 1876. In some census records her age is give as the same as Willard or 2 years older again 1876. The 1900 census provides a date of September 1873. Her death record implies a date of birth in about 1873. All of the children in the family of White Cleveland have their birth recorded in the Georgia, VT town records. There is an entry dated September 5, 1872 for a Luna B Cleveland the daughter of W & L S (Montefiore) Cleveland. My interpretation is that this is our Bella. The “B” in the entry stood for either Bella or Blanch and she went by Bella nickname Blanch or Blanch nickname Bella the remainder of her life. It also seems that she made an effort to minimize the 6 years difference in their age, with her being the older, by offering a different age for the census records. ---------- There is a mystery regarding the date of death of Willard’s mother Lettie. The last record of her is the 1900 Census. There is no existing death record nor has a gravesite been discovered. She may have already passed away before his marriage. The Griffin family letters hint that Willard’s grandfather, also named Willard Fuller, was quite financially successful. He find evidence of this success in an entry in a 1898 yearbook for the University of Vermont for the Chemical Society. Listed, as a member of the Society is freshman, W. L. Fuller. In 1898 only well to do families could send a son to college. In the succeeding census records Willard’s profession is listed as engineer. ---------- In 1910 Willard is living in Oil City, Venango, Penn. Oil City is considered to be the birthplace of the modern petroleum industry. It would seem that he spent his professional carrier in that industry. From 1920 to 1940 he made his home in Parkersburg, Wood, West Virginia. We find Willard and Bella Fuller listed in the city directory for those years. The entry lists him as a civil engineer Eureka Pipe Line Co. ----------- The death of Willard, Bella and their son Willard Jr. are all found in the Ohio death records index. At the time of their death their residence is listed as Portsmouth, Scioto, Ohio. Portsmouth is not too far from Parkersburg on the Ohio side of the Ohio River. Willard’s death is listed as October 5, 1960 at the age of 83. The death of Bella B Fuller is dated June 7, 1969 at the age of 96. ---------- Willard Lynn Fuller Jr was born September 16, 1906 in Oil City, Penn. As a young man he is listed in the Parkersburg City Directory next to his father. His death is also recorded in Portsmouth, Ohio on December 22, 1961. __________________________________ Willard Fuller / Lettie Fuller / Sylvia Griffin / Samuel Griffin / Samuel Griffin / Samuel Griffin of Killingworth

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Worden Folsom 1816-1870, Ohio-Illinois

Worden G Folsom was the son of Noah Folsom and Achsah Pelton. Family history and census records place his birth in 1816 in Wayne, Ashtabula, Ohio. The census records indicate his middle initial was, “G”. Achsah had an uncle named Worden Griffin. I suspect that the uncle may have been the source for his name. Achsah had a brother named Samuel Griffin Pelton named after her grandfather. There is an entry in both the Folsom and Pelton family histories for the family of Noah and Achsah. The Folsom history entry reads; ---------- “Noah, m. Achsa Pelton, and had 9 ch.” ----------- The history uses a phonetic spelling for Achsah’s name. It lists 7 of the children; Worden, Julius, Hannah, Barbara, Sally, Christiana, Ezekiel. Missing from the list is a son and a daughter Malinda Jane. ---------- The Pelton history notes that the family lived in Wayne, Ashtabula, Ohio. It notes that the family later left for Illinois with Noah dying on the way. The 1820 census in Wayne records the family of Noah Folsom and 3 children, 2 boys and a girl. In 1830 the family is in nearby Gustavus with 3 boys and 5 girls. ---------- According to the Pelton history in 1833 the family moved to Illinois. In the 1850 census taken in Putnam County Illinois we find the Family of Braxton Murphy with his wife Malinda J. Folsom living next door to the family of Worden Folsom and his wife Elizabeth. ---------- The Putnam County marriage records list a marriage between Braxton Murphy and Malinda Folsom January 20, 1840 and a marriage between Worden Folsom and Betsy Murphy on July 9, 1840. It seems that brother and sister had married brother and sister. ---------- The 1850 census list Worden, 33 born Ohio, Elizabeth, 28 -Illinois, William 8- Ill, Jeremiah, 3- Ill and Worden 0- Ill. ---------- The 1855 Illinois census lists W. G. Folsom and 5 children. He is living next to 3 of the Murphy brothers. The Murphy farm was located in Magnolia, Putnam, Illinois. ---------- In the 1860 census the family is living in Bath, Mason, Ill. Listed as children are William, Jeremiah, Worden, George, Frank. ---------- In 1865 the family is found in Hennepin. In 1870 the family is in Chillicothe. All of these locations are found near each other scattered out along the Illinois River. The 1870 census adds a daughter, Mary, to the family. ---------- In each of the census records Worden’s birth is estimated as 1816/17, born in Ohio. The census records record his trade as a silversmith or jeweler. ---------- The Folsom siblings all lived out their days in these same communities. Jeremiah, Worden and George are buried in a family plot in Chillicothe. James Franklin is buried in Havana, Ill. Hints from the census records point to Mary dying as a teenager. ---------- In the 1880 census Elizabeth is living in the household of their son George. She is listed as his mother and a widow. We do not have a death record or a burial location for Worden. But it is apparent that he died between the 1870 and 1880 census cycle. --------------------- Worden Folsom / Achsah Pelton / Mercy Griffin / Samuel Griffin / Samuel Griffin of Killingworth, CT

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Achsah Pelton and Noah Folsom

Achsah Pelton was the daughter of Ithamar Pelton and Mercy Griffin. The Josiah Pelton and Samuel Griffin families were both living in Killingworth, Middlesex, Connecticut when her parents married on November 11, 1791. The marriage of Ithamar and Mercy is duly recorded in the ledgers of the Killingworth Congregational Second Society. Members of the Pelton and Griffin families joined in the great America expansion moving to the new frontier of Essex, Chittenden, Vermont in the 1790s. Achsah was born in Essex, August 6, 1797. ---------- The Pelton family story is well documented in a history titled, “Genealogy of the Pelton Family of America” by J. M. Pelton. It was published in Albany, N.Y in 1892. It can be accessed on Ancestry.Com. ---------- The Pelton History records the move of the Pelton family from Connecticut and Vermont to Gustavus, Trumbull Co, Ohio in 1802. Ithamar’s father, Josiah, purchased 6,605 acres in Gustavus in 1800. By 1802 Josiah had moved most of his family to Ohio. The Pelton history records that Ithamar joined his father in Ohio in the Fall of 1804 taking all of his children born in Killingworth and Essex, including Achsah, with him. The 1820 census, taken in Gustavus, lists Ithamar Pelton and nine children. The Pelton history lists a family of thirteen children. By 1820 some of them had married. ---------- Running somewhat parallel to the story of the Pelton family is the story of the Folsom family. A Folsom family history written by Jacob Chapman was published in 1882, “A Genealogy of the Folsom family: John Folsom and his descendants, 1615-1882”. A copy of the history can be accessed online. Found in the history is the story of Thomas Folsom who was born in Epping, N. H. in 1754. After the Revolutionary War, in which he served, he moved his family to Dorchester, N. H where his son, Noah, was born in 1781. Late in 1800 Thomas moved his family to Essex, Vermont. The Folsom history notes that he later moved his family to Gustavus, Ohio. ---------- Josiah Pelton purchased the Gustavus, Ohio property in 1800. By 1802 he and most of his family were settled on his Gustavus property. His son Ithamar joined him in 1804. The Folsoms followed in 1809. The two families had become connected with the marriage of Mary Folsom to Ithamar’s brother, Elias, in 1799 in Essex, VT. The two families became very intermingled in Ohio with Hannah Folsom marrying Julius Pelton and Noah Folsom marrying Achsah Pelton. There are Folsom family histories that support the idea that Noah Folsom married Achsah Pelton in Essex, Vermont in 1808. That cannot be the case Achsah would have only been eleven at that time. The ages of those involved, census records, which place the birth of the children in Ohio and surviving family histories all strongly argue that the last two marriages occurred in Ohio. ---------- The Folsom family history entry for Noah Folsom reads; ----------- “Noah, m. Achsa Pelton, and had 9 ch.” ---------- The phonetic spelling from the Folsom history for Achsah’s name is found in several family trees on web sites such as ---------- Seven of the nine children are listed in the Folsom history; Worden, Julius, Hannah, Barbara, Sally, Christiana and Ezekiel. A daughter Malinda Jane was born in 1824. Census records for Worden place his date of birth in 1816/17. This information helps establish a probably time line for the birth of the rest of the siblings. It also argues that his parents married in Ohio in 1814/15. The Pelton family history places the date in 1814 in Ohio. ---------- Noah Pelton and his father Thomas appear in the Wayne, Ashtabula, Ohio census in 1820. The census lists Noah and his wife as well as two sons and a daughter. The 1830 census, taken in Gustavus, lists three sons and 4 daughters. ---------- There is no further trace of Noah and Achsah in the census records after 1830. The Pelton family history includes a brief entry; ---------- “Achsah, born in Essex, Vt. Aug 6, 1797; married in 1814 Noah Folsom. Lived in Wayne, Ashtabula Co., O. and in Baconsburg, O. removed to Illinois in 1833 he disappeared on the way and was never heard of. She died in Illinois in 1844.” ---------- Note that Wayne, Gustavus and Baconburgh, Ohio are all within a short distance of each other. ---------- Also note that the extended Pelton and Folsom families are buried in the Old Gustavus Cemetery. ---------- There is an air of mystery surrounding the last days of Achsah and Noah Folsom and their disappearance from Gustavus. Not only did they disappear there are no surviving records, census or otherwise, for their children in Ohio. As a result of this set of circumstance a number of family histories have been purposed. The most common history, which ignores the reality of the 1820 and 1830 census records from Ohio, has Achsah and Noah getting married in Vermont. Not only does it place their marriage in Vermont, Vermont is also listed as the place where their children were born and where they lived and died. The problem with this theory is the fact of the Ohio census records and the complete lack of any records for the Vermont scenario. ---------- So what did happen to Achsah and Noah? Why did they leave the bosom of the family gathered near Gustavus? Why go to Illinois? What happened to the children? ---------- The key to unlocking the mystery lies in their daughter Malinda Jane. Malinda’s name does not appear in the Folsom family history. The only reason that anyone could make the connection is the legacy she left behind. Her life is well remembered by her posterity. They have any number of well document family trees on web sites such as Those sites even contain a number of photographs of Grandmother Murphy. The family has a rich tradition for her parentage although they too are puzzled about some chapters of the Achsah and Noah Folsom story. The Illinois, Death index lists Malinda’s maiden name as Falsum/Folsom. --------- The story of her life provides some explanation for the questions we posed above. The story told by Malinda’s posterity tells of her marriage to Braxton Murphy of Putnam Co., Illinois. Listed in the Putnam County marriage records is a marriage between Brackston Murphy and Malinda Folsom, January 20, 1840. ---------- The Murphy family documents the life of Braxton and Malinda in Illinois. Part of the story is the death of Braxton at the battle of Shiloh in the Civil War. The census records trace Malinda in the homes of her children until her death in Shipman, Illinois August 30, 1916. There are any numbers of sources for her date of birth June 1, 1824. Census records consistently identify her place of birth as Ohio. What is missing in the story is an explanation for the how and why of her move from Ohio to Illinois. --------- The discovery of the Melinda Jane Folsom Murphy story leads us to the 1850 census taken in Putnam County, Illinois. Listed is Braxton Murphy, age 30 born in Illinois. His wife is listed as Melinda J., age 26 born Ohio. Their next-door neighbor is none other than Worden Folsom, age 33 born in Ohio and his wife Elizabeth, age 28 born in Illinois. The children in each of the two families are all listed as being born in Illinois. A search of the same Putnam County marriage records turns up a marriage between Worden Folsom and Betsy Murphy July 9, 1840. It seems that brother and sister had married brother and sister. There exists on a number of excellent profiles for Malinda. There have been a number of photographs of her that have survived they are posted below. ---------- One of the early settlers in Putnam County, Ill. was Moses Murphy. He arrived in Illinois from Kentucky in 1820. The Putnam county history lists his children as William, Arter, Braxton, Elizabeth, John, Mary, Sarah, Jeremiah, Moses Jr. and James. In his will Moses identifies his daughter Elizabeth as, Elizabeth Folsom. The Moses Murphy family cemetery located on the family farm is registered in the Find A Grave Index. Another chapter of the Murphy family story records the marriage between Arter Murphy and Melinda and Worden’s sister Christiana. ---------- Worden G. Folsom is found in the 1850, 1855, 1860, 1865 and 1870 census records taken in and around Putnam County, Ill. In each his date of birth calculates to about 1816. In each his place of birth is given as Ohio. From the census record we can assemble a list of his children, William, Jeremiah, George, James Franklin and Mary. In the 1880 census we find his wife Elizabeth in the household of their son George. The census lists her as a widow. Jeremiah, George and Worden/Werdin are buried together in the Chillicothe, Ill City Cemetery. James Franklin is buried in the Laurel Hill cemetery in Havana, Ill. But where are Worden his wife, Elizabeth, and his son, William, and daughter, Mary buried? I suspect that when we find them we will find his mother Achsah buried in the same family plot. ---------- Christiana married Arter/ Arthur Murphy. The census records place their home in Magnolia, Ill. the site of the Murphy family farm. The census records estimate her birth as 1827, born in Ohio. Arter died in 1862. He is buried in the family cemetery on his father’s farm. Christiana married for a second time to David Gilson. They are in the 1880 census in Magnolia. We find her in the 1900 census in Jackson, Boone, Arkansas listed as a mother-in-law in the household of her daughter, Eliza/Liza. The 1900 census gives her date of birth as April 1827 in Ohio. But it is her headstone that provides the final details of her life. Found in the Sanders Cemetery in Boone County it reads; Christiana / wife of / Arter Murphy / Born April 11, 1827 / Died Nov 17, 1900. ---------- How do we concluded the story of Ashsah Pelton Folsom? Did the family gather up and make the move to Illinois together? Or did Achsah and Noah follow some of the children to Illinois? I think the first option is probably correct. There are no records for the children in Ohio. While we have only found three of the children in Illinois for those who do any genealogy related research it is a given that after a girl marries she more or less disappears behind the identity of her husband. This must be the story for the missing Folsom girls. ------------------------------------- Achsah Pelton Folsom / Mercy Griffin / Samuel Griffin / Samuel Griffin of Killingworth

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Eleazer Hunt

Eleazer Hunt was married to Rosetta Lois Griffin. Rosetta passed away in 1898. Eleazer lived another ten year dying at the age of 99 in 1908. The America that the Hunts lived in was centered on the family. What we see in that time frame was extended families taking care of each other. It is very common to find in the census records sisters living in the household of other sisters later in their lives. It is common to see widowed sisters living with or near each other. It is almost a certainty that you will find a surviving parent listed in the household of one of their children in their later years. From the Griffin family letters we find Sylvia Griffin, the wife of Samuel Griffin, spending time with each of her children. As we can see in this news story Eleazer Hunt is living in the household of a grandson. The article provides a brief glimpse in the life and times of Eleazer.